The Adroit International Research Fellowship Program (AIRF) is a flagship initiative that supports and mentors aspiring researchers from Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Yemen to contribute to groundbreaking research work in international development.

We awarded five fellows for 2023 – 24, who will be mentored to work on a research project for nine months and develop a report based on their findings. Selected fellows will be awarded USD 2,000.

Objectives of AIRF

  • Foster Global Research Collaboration: AIRF aims to connect researchers across borders, fostering a collaborative environment where diverse ideas and perspectives can merge to create innovative solutions.
  • Address Global Challenges: By focusing on specific geopolitical areas, AIRF seeks to address and provide insight into pressing international development issues affecting these regions.
  • Build Research Capacity: The fellowship is designed to enhance the research capabilities of its fellows, providing them with the skills, resources, and mentorship necessary to produce impactful, policy-relevant work.

Fellows 2023 – 24

Each fellow was carefully selected for their unique perspective and proven dedication to their field of study.

Lielt Gebreselassie

Lielt Gebreselassie Gebrekirstos

Assistant Professor

Country of Expertise: Ethiopia

Research Topic: Intimate partner violence, reproductive health outcomes, reproductive and maternal health system, and responsiveness among women living with disabilities in Southern Ethiopia; 2024: A Mixed Study 

Faisal Sidiqi

Ahmad Faisal Sidiqi

Project Supervisor

Country of Expertise: Afghanistan

Research Topic: The Silent Crisis: Afghanistan’s struggle for health and nutrition rights

Alemayehu Abate Shawul

Alemayehu Abate Shawul (PhD)

Director of Research Publication, Ethics and Extension, Madda Walabu University

Country of Expertise: Ethiopia

Research Topic: Assessment of climate-resilient WASH systems in chronically flood and drought-prone districts of Southeastern Ethiopia

Rohullah Sakhi

Rohullah Sakhi

Assistant Lecturer, Kabul University of Medical Science

Country of Expertise: Afghanistan

Research Topic: University students’ awareness and practice of drugs and their harms in Afghanistan: A Cross-Sectional Survey


Eshet Emiru Nigussie

Lecturer and Researcher

Country of Expertise: Ethiopia

Research Topic: Development of integrated dairy farming with vermicompost technology in Gondar City, Amhara Region, Ethiopia

The AIRF program not only equips fellows with financial support but also provides mentorship from leading experts in international development. Through this fellowship, researchers are expected to contribute significantly to their fields, bringing fresh insights and proposing viable solutions to global challenges.

We invite you to learn more about their projects and follow their progress as they develop their research and share their findings with the global community.

For further details about the AIRF program and other initiatives at Adroit, contact us at airf@​adroitassociates.​org