In today’s rapidly changing global landscape, governments, global aid and development organizations, and corporations need reliable data to understand the unique challenges confronting communities in less developed, fragile, or post-conflict environments.

The complexities and dynamics of communities living in conflict-affected contexts, makes this need for reliable and accurate data all the more pressing. Recognizing the importance and potential such data has to impact communities, we have developed expertise in conducting credible research in challenging environments. 

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Our clients choose to partner with us because of our ability to deliver advanced and highly reliable research, even in high-risk, hard-to-reach, and challenging circumstances. Our critical analysis informs programming, policymaking, and business decisions.

Services in Research and Analysis

High Impact Projects

Hazardous Work for Children

Assessment of Hazardous Work for Children and Review of OSH Best Practices

for ILO

Adroit Associates implemented the "Assessment of Hazardous Work for Children and Review of OSH Best Practices" project, shedding light on child labor's perilous reality, mapping dangers in child labor, and evaluating Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) measures. Our initiative, including the creation of a "Child Labor Self-help Safety Guidebook" informed by our research, provided critical resources to improve child labor safety.
Khush Tepa Irrigation Scheme

Asia, Afghanistan

Qosh Tepa Irrigation Scheme and Power Generation Feasibility Studies


From 2018 to 2021, Adroit implemented USAID’s largest technical feasibility study in Afghanistan, working with several ministries within the then government of Afghanistan to assess the feasibility and viability of a multi-billion dollar irrigation and hydropower project — the Qosh Tepa Irrigation Project — which, if implemented, will provide millions with access to water and power resources, thus transforming Afghanistan’s economy.
Multiple Studies on Women's Rights, Democracy, and Media

Multiple Studies on Women's Rights, Democracy, and Media

for BBC Media Action

Adroit Associates has implemented a series of impactful projects for BBC Media Action, influencing democratic dialogue, gender rights, food security, and public health. Through comprehensive studies and innovative data collection utilizing various methods and tools, we highlighted the power of media in driving social change, paving the way for future interventions for BBC Media Action that could in turn positively impact millions in Afghanistan.