In fragile and conflict-afflicted environments, it is crucial to identify and address capacity gaps and understand the complex interplay among fragile situations, weak institutions, and development interventions.

At Adroit Associates, we recognize the importance of institutional strengthening in achieving sustainable development outcomes. That is why we developed expertise in and offer customized institutional strengthening services that build the capacity of organizations to be more efficient, effective, and sustainable in meeting the needs of various stakeholders.

Institutional Strengthening Profile

We employ a blend of analytical and participatory methodologies to assess organizational capacity needs, establish effective systems and processes to address capacity gaps, and facilitate the sustainable transfer of knowledge that has helped civil society organizations, non-profits, and businesses across various sectors in better management of human and financial capital, and in improved delivery of goods and services.

Our team of experts works closely with clients to develop tailored solutions that address specific institutional challenges of organizational governance, leadership, management and technical skills. By enhancing institutional capacity, we empower organizations to drive transformational change, create lasting impact, and improve the lives of people in fragile and conflict-affected environments.

Services in Institutional Strengthening

High Impact Projects