Our capacity assessment and development services are designed to assess and bolster the competence of organizations and institutions to design, implement and manage development programs effectively and ensure optimal delivery of goods and services to vulnerable communities.

We adopt a holistic approach that involves identifying the strengths and weaknesses of organizations and institutions. This paves the way for offering tailored and targeted support that addresses identified capacity gaps that may hinder an organization’s ability to deliver on its mandate and do so well.

Our approach to conducting capacity assessment includes a rigorous examination and analysis of the organization’s structure, systems, policies, human resources, and other critical relevant factors. The insights from this process are then used to develop a capacity-building plan that addresses the identified gaps and weaknesses. Developed in close collaboration with all stakeholders, the capacity-building plan encompasses strategies such as training, mentoring, and other forms of coaching and professional development, as well as technical assistance. Additionally, this plan features an approach for measuring the results of the activities and ensuring the sustainability of the organization’s enhanced capacity.

In line with the capacity-building plan and using an agile, participatory approach, capacity development activities are designed to improve the skills, knowledge, and systems of the target organizations and institutions, enabling them to operate more efficiently and achieve better outcomes.

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