At Adroit Associates, our capacity building and training services serve as catalysts for transformation, turning insights into actions and fostering an environment where change is not imposed but rather embraced, cultivated, and sustained by the communities themselves.

Empowering communities to drive their own transformative change is at the core of our SBCC Capacity Building and Training approach. We recognize that sustained behavioral shifts emerge from informed, equipped, and engaged communities; hence, our approach is to capacitate individuals to recognize barriers, harness motivators, and champion effective strategies that resonate with their lived realities. Through tailored training programs and workshops, we channel the foundational principles of SBCC, building knowledge and fostering skills and attitudes essential for individuals and groups to become influencers and change agents within their own circles.

Our capacity-building initiatives are steeped in participatory methods, ensuring that every training module and session is co-designed with, and tailored for, the community it serves. We nurture critical thinking, amplify voices, and elevate local solutions by employing a blend of interactive techniques, real-world case studies, and scenario-based exercises. This ensures that the target audience and communities internalize the essence of SBCC and equips them with the tools and confidence to navigate, advocate for, and achieve meaningful and sustainable behavioral changes in their context.

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