We are an international development firm, leveraging interconnected solutions that combine research, evaluation, institutional strengthening, and behavior change communication to promote prosperity and resilience in challenging contexts.

We aim to enable and empower communities under pressure from conflict or its aftermath, and in underdeveloped and developing states more generally, to reclaim their own agency, and build prosperous economies and resilient societies.

We collaborate with governments, civil society organizations, international aid and development organizations, and corporations through a combination of robust, data-driven research and deep, place-based engagement to make international development more effective, inclusive, and sustainable. We harness the power of evidence and data to co-design and deliver solutions that contribute to transforming the extraordinarily vulnerable communities we serve.

Founded in 2009, we have delivered over 120 projects across multiple sectors for over 100 clients in Afghanistan. In 2023, we broadened our impact by establishing local presence and forging strategic partnerships in Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Yemen, and India. Combining our efforts and sharing our knowledge and experience with our local partners, our reach now is broad and deep, experientially and intellectually.

Our Vision

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We envision a world where communities under pressure from conflict or its aftermath, and in underdeveloped and developing countries more generally, have the tools and support they need to reclaim their own agency, and build prosperous economies and resilient societies. 

Our Mission

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We aspire to make international development more effective, inclusive, and sustainable to achieve impact at scale through rigorous data-driven research and place-based engagement, working hand-in-hand with communities and our clients in challenging contexts. 

Our Values

Passion for Positive Change: We place the lives of communities at the forefront of all our work. We believe transformation is possible and know that deepening our engagement with community members further ignites their passion to create positive change in their communities — today and in the future. 

Commitment to Quality: We are rigorous, robust, and evidence-based in the work we undertake. We plan and then control quality and do all that it takes to achieve the high standards we expect of ourselves and those we serve. 

Upholding Integrity: We abide by the highest professional and ethical principles in everything we do. We take complete ownership of and provide accountability for our work. 

Continuous Learning and Adaptability: We strive to be the best at what we do. We cultivate an environment where we continuously engage in critical thinking, reflection, and learning by openly sharing our successes and failures and providing constructive feedback. We are open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. 

Certified for Success

We take great pride in our prestigious ISO certifications – a testament to the systems and capabilities we have built to ensure consistently high quality of service.

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  • Quality Management Systems: We ensure robust quality management systems, enabling us to consistently exceed client expectations.
  • Information Security Systems: We safeguard sensitive data and maintain utmost confidentiality, instilling trust and confidence in our clients.
  • Environmental Management Systems: Our dedication to environmental sustainability allows us to integrate eco-friendly practices into our projects.

These certifications add immense value to our work, ensuring operational efficiency, informational security, and environmental consciousness. In each project we undertake, we leverage our ISO certifications adhering to internationally recognized standards, underscoring our commitment to consistent excellence, continuous improvement, and forward-thinking innovation.

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