Ahmad Faisal Sidiqi holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Political Science from the University of Delhi. His schooling was completed at Manava Bharati India International School in New Delhi, where he was active in debates and research, sharpening his analytical and communication skills.

Professionally, Faisal’s experience spans Afghanistan and India, where he has specialized in Project Management, Healthcare Management, and Safety and Access Coordination. In these roles, he has led initiatives that enhance service delivery to vulnerable populations and improve project efficacy. His leadership is further enriched by his multilingual capabilities, fluent in Dari, English, Turkish, Hindi, and Pashto, enabling effective communication across diverse communities.

Faisal is known for his resilience and adaptability, with a strong commitment to community service and transformative endeavors in dynamic and challenging environments.

AIRF Research Topic: The Silent Crisis: Afghanistan’s struggle for health and nutrition rights