Lielt Gebreselassie Gebrekirstos holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Hawassa University and a Master of Science in Maternity and Reproductive Health Nursing from Addis Ababa University, obtained in 2018. Since her graduation, she has been an integral part of Wolaita Sodo University in Ethiopia, where she was promoted to Assistant Professor.

During her tenure at the university, Lielt has made significant contributions to both academia and the local community. She has published around ten research papers in scientifically reputable journals, actively participated in various community services and workshops, and successfully secured multiple research grants. Her exceptional communication skills have enabled her to excel in various leadership roles within and outside the university.

Currently, Lielt is dedicated to lecturing, conducting community-focused research, and actively seeking further educational opportunities through scholarships to advance her academic career.

AIRF Research Topic: Intimate partner violence, reproductive health outcomes, reproductive and maternal health system, and responsiveness among women living with disabilities in Southern Ethiopia; 2024: A Mixed Study