Rohullah Sakhi graduated from the faculty of public health at Kabul University of Medical Sciences (KUMS) in 2016, and later he received his MSc degree in public health from KUMS.

With over six years of experience in the field, Rohullah has worked extensively in research, teaching, and public health emergencies across public sectors and various NGOs.

His career began as a Malaria Case Management Focal Point, progressing to more demanding roles such as Performance and Quality Improvement Officer, Nutrition Coordinator, and Medical Supervisor. Currently, he serves as a lecturer at KUMS, where he mentors students, organizes academic meetings, and plays a pivotal role in curriculum development.

He is also actively involved in evaluating research projects and contributing to scientific publications, maintaining a leading edge in public health research. His work has been published internationally, highlighting his expertise in health-related topics. His diverse roles underscore a deep commitment to advancing public health knowledge and education.

AIRF Research Topic: University students’ awareness and practice of drugs and their harms in Afghanistan: A Cross-Sectional Survey