Ahmad Naweed Ibrahimi

Ahmad Naweed Ibrahimi

Research and Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

Key Competencies

  • Research and Reporting   
  • Team Management  
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Financial Management  
  • Project Management   


Ahmad Naweed Ibrahimi graduated from the Faculty of Languages and Literature at Kabul University, earning his Bachelor of Arts degree.

With 14 years of experience across various sectors, Ahmad has held roles such as AML/CFT Compliance Trainer at Maiwand Bank, Branch Manager, Risk Coordinator, and Financial Management Officer at the PPG Project funded by the World Bank.

He has consistently showcased his adeptness in challenging and enhancing existing processes and systems. Mr. Ibrahimi’s remarkable ability to communicate professionally with clients has been a key asset throughout his career. Recently, he completed the Project Management Professional (PMP) Program at the Project Management Program Center (APMC).