At Adroit Associates, we combine technical expertise across a variety of sectors, and strong analytical skills to help our clients understand the state of desired sectors and identify opportunities for growth using data and evidence.

In post-conflict settings, sectoral assessments are necessary for understanding the current state of a sector, identifying key challenges and opportunities, and informing policy and
development decisions aimed at positive change. Sectoral assessments help evaluate the performance and potential of specific sectors or industries, such as agriculture, energy, or
education and involve collecting and analyzing data on various indicators such as production, investment, employment, and access to services.

Sectoral assessments can also be used to inform investment decisions, support sector-specific reforms, design and implement new initiatives, and identify potential areas of collaboration among different stakeholders.

Sectoral Assessments FAQs

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to see how we combine technical expertise and strong analytical skills to understand sectoral performance, identify growth opportunities, and inform policy and development decisions, especially in post-conflict settings.

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