Adroit Associates’ performance evaluation service is a comprehensive solution to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of development interventions of any scale.

Our approach to performance evaluation covers, among others, program achievements, implementation efficiency, the perception among stakeholders, the value delivered, as well as the contribution to intended and unintended outputs and outcomes resulting from our clients’ interventions.

We see evaluations as an opportunity not just to facilitate learning for our clients, but also to learn a great deal ourselves. It is with such an understanding that we design evaluations with the active engagement of all relevant stakeholders, ensuring transparency as well as ethical research practices. Our expert team of evaluators uses the most appropriate evaluation methods, including before-and-after comparisons, to address a wide range of evaluation questions, including, but not limited to descriptive, normative, and cause-and-effect questions.

That is precisely how we have been able to help our clients identify areas for program management improvement, make informed decisions, increase transparency and accountability, and, most importantly, enhance the quality of support to vulnerable communities.

Performance Evaluation FAQs

Discover our Performance Evaluation FAQs to see how Adroit Associates assesses program achievements, implementation efficiency, stakeholder perceptions, and more, helping organizations improve their interventions and achieve greater impact.

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